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Thanks for checking to see what I have to offer you as a potential client. I can guarantee you the hottest Tantric massage from a female in the West Country and below I will explain what I do and then you make up your own mind. With over 6000 Tantric massages and hundreds of repeat clients the figures speak for themselves, but why not give yourself a treat and see exactly what is so special about a Tantric massage from me?

I am 38 years old, fit, healthy and energetic, and I absolutely love my work. I have always been an admirer of the naked human body and now I get to massage naked bodies every week!

In all my massages I am naked together with you. Being naked with you helps remove any inhibitions you may have and also helps create a sensual bond between the two of us which is essential in Tantra.

I use my fingers, my hands and my body to spread sexual energy throughout your body and create areas of extreme sensuality. During the massage you will become aroused, which is quite normal as the energy is spread through your body. If ejaculation occurs during your massage, it is a beautiful experience and will be as a result of your sensuality levels peaking. 

For the ultimate in sensual massage I offer our GOLD DELUXE TANTRIC EXPERIENCES which are totally different from all my other massages. See the separate page for this massage.

I join with Jon to offer a Four handed massage to clients where both of us massage the client together, which is a very, very erotic experience which can result in an amazing orgasm for the client. See separate page for details.

For the most sexually erotic massage I have ever done, I offer new for 2020 my Eyes Wide Shut massage. Please read the separate page on this if you wish to experience something TOTALLY different.............

As I stated earlier, I offer the best Tantric massage from a female anywhere in the West Country. Why not call me and make a booking to see for yourself? Prices for my massage are on the PRICES page and my contact details are on the CONTACTS page.

Please note this is NOT a sexual service.


Please note under no circumstances does a tantric massage include sexual intercourse!


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